Message from the President

We want to be a company that shares dreams and inspiration.

For more than 50 years since our establishment, we have owned intellectual property (IP) through the production of content in the entertainment industry, particularly in the fields of animated characters and sports, and have developed our license business, including character merchandising, with our business partners.

In recent years, with the spread and development of new platforms and new media services, the environment surrounding us has been changing in various ways. The value of using content is becoming more complex, the ways to enjoy it are becoming more diverse, and expectations for content that can be used as various forms of entertainment are rising.

“We want to be an entertainment company that shares dreams and inspiration with children around the world.”
This wish has remained unchanged since our establishment.
We believe that we can share “dreams and inspiration” with many people across generations by creating content with unprecedented appeal and nurturing and growing that content together with everyone.

With passion and the perseverance to move forward without giving up, we aim to be a group of producers who create entertainment content that will move people's hearts.

Hideyuki Namba