Products & Services

Media Business

"From planning and production of animated programs, through to the promotion of character merchandise"

We produce animations by planning and creating animated programs with animation production companies for the timeframes we have purchased from broadcasting stations, looking for sponsor companies, and organizing production committees. Through the creation of animated programs, we retain the copyright of the characters, plan character goods promotions, promotion campaigns and character events using the characters, and propose them to our partner companies.

Rights Business

"Development of a copyright business, including character merchandise"

We provide merchandising licenses for the animation characters to our partner companies, including toy, game, food, miscellaneous goods and apparel manufacturers, and develop the characters. Furthermore, we facilitate the secondary usage of the animated programs with program sales rights, overseas sales rights, automatic public transmission rights and event rights, and manage these properties, while planning and organizing the B2C domestic event, CHARA-HOBBY, and the overseas event, C3 Hong Kong, to create a bridge between the character fans and the character-related companies.

Sport Business

"Merchandising, agent services in sports business"

We promote the merchandising of the baseball team's products and act as a copyright contract agency for professional baseball teams, and sell the merchandise to baseball team goods stores both inside and outside the stadium. We have been involved in this business since our foundation in 1965, and it now forms the basis of our mainstay character merchandising business.
With regard to the promotion of professional baseball teams, we plan and operate the relevant attractions and events for the fans, and provide an advertising service through sports media such as billboards in baseball stadiums.